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Torsten Siegel


Torsten is responsible for GIN GLIDERS INC product distribution in eastern Canada.


Born in Fulda, Germany, Torsten began paragliding in 1989. After graduating as an engineer from Heilbronn University, he formed ‘Aviatec - development & testing’ for aeronautical products. His field of work involves the research, construction, and development of air sports products, such as paragliders, powered paragliders, ram-air kites, reflex wings, speed flyers, and rescue systems. In spring 2013 Torsten joined Gin Gliders Inc. He works with Gin Seok Song as designer and test pilot with the R&D team in Europe and Korea. Torsten is based with his family in Toronto, Ontario.

Brett Hazlett


Brett is responsible for GIN GLIDERS INC product distribution in western Canada.


Born in Sydney, Australia. He began hanggliding in 1993 and after graduating as an engineer from the University of British Columbia, worked as a test pilot at Moyes Delta Gliders. After becoming 2004 Pre World Champion and reaching 2nd in the world pilot ranking system, he became interested in paragliding. While managing engineering projects in the alternative energy industry and later forensic engineering consulting, he progressed his interest in competition paragliding. Today Brett spends as much time as possible in the sky. When not travelling the world to fly new places, he can be found in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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